s4-12 - Season 4 is Terminated

November 19, 2019

As season four draws to a close, we remember all those good times over the whole season of 12 episodes.

Who'd have thought, when we started season 4 just five years ago, that the end would come so soon.

Here's to the future. And season 5. And the Terminator movie sequels.

s4-11 - Sweets for my Sweet

February 9, 2018

Ben and Nick get sticky and sugary while maintaining proper oral hygiene

If you've ever wanted to know what Nick found on a Chess Grandmaster's computer or what Ben got up to at University, then listen and learn my beautiful friends, listen and learn!

s4-10 - Stick a finger up it

May 11, 2017

The boys are back, with the tenth episode of series four of their awarded non-winning podcast.

We discuss castings, we discuss hotels, and we suprise Adam Jenkins by speaking to him.

s4-09 - Chessington World of Prize

February 9, 2017

Live (not dead) from the South Wimbledon Studios, Ben & Nick are back with more insights into the world.

If you want to hear about Donald Trump, training Priests, and animals with eyes - you've come to the right place. 

You may regret it, but it is the right place...

s4-08 - Unexpected Grievances with Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, and Benedict Cumberbatch *

November 8, 2016

*Guests may or may not actually be appearing*.

Ben and Nick are excitedly presenting from their brand new South Wimbledon studios, and discuss the state of the world, Philosophy, and why Nick holds a grudge.

s4-07 - The Trustworthy Brothers

August 22, 2016

Ben and Nick are back, and are spreading their brand or trustworthiness to another amazing podcast.

Nick talks about passwords, but don't let that put you off.

Ben talks about his love of the board game Stratego, but don't let that turn you on.

s4-06 - Peeing in the Deadpool

February 15, 2016

In a nod to the late (not dead, just unpunctual) great Barry Norman, Ben & Nick talk about all the crazy things they get up to.

LIke going to an early evening viewing at the cinema. Or complaining about kids nowadays.

Party on everyone. Party on...

s4-05 - It’s Not Worth-ing It

January 5, 2016

Because pre-recording the podcast means less work for them, Ben & Nick pre-recorded a large portion of this podcast.

Ben was performing in Cinderella in the seaside town of Worthing over Christmas 2015, and we interviewed some of the poor people who had to appear on stage beside him.

Ben & Nick are joined by the fabulous Matt Evers & Mark Read, then the wonderful Camilla Sacre-Dallerup.

Nick did nothing special all Christmas.

Except this.

s4-04 - Milk & More Dogging

November 19, 2015

Ben and Nick use the power of the internet and time-travel to combine a new podcast with a previous podcast guest!

Kylie Butler brings her breasts into our Trafford Centre studious, and we'd like you to listen to those breasts.

s4-03 - Weirdy or Beardy

June 9, 2015

Ben and Nick moved in together, and it all went quiet.

Too quiet.

What the hell are they up to..?

...Well - Nick grew a beard, and Ben didn't want to.

That's about it.

s4-02 - I’ll off white

August 11, 2014

A little more than one year after the original recording, Ben & Nick present their podcast live from the Isle of Wight 2013. Amazing event, awesome star guests, and quite a lot of booze.

Here they come, direct to your ears!

s4-01 - Squeak

February 20, 2014

In the words of Martin Luther King:
"Ben and Nick have made it to Season 4 of their podcast"

He was a bit weird like that.

He had a dream though.

So did we.

It made us cry.

This is our podcast about it.*

*This episode is in fact a normal podcast interview with comedian Joe Pasquale, and has nothing to do with dreams or Martin Luther King.